Student Application Form

Name of Student Poet Applicant: [Please include address, email, and phone number]

Name of school (if in school) (Private, Public, or Home): [Please include address, email, and phone number]

Grade Year( if applicable):

Name a poetry instructor (if you have one) [please include address, email, and phone number]
at your school who will write a recommendation for you:

If in middle or high school or college please ask this instructor to write the recommendation and to include an acknowledgement that the instructor has read and understands the GCDP Series guidelines on the North Carolina Poetry Society web site at

If you are an adult poet no recommendation is necessary but you must acknowledge that you have read and understand the GCDP Series guidelines.

Representative Poetry: Send three pages of your poetry that you feel represents your work.

Mail your application by including your personal statement, representative poetry, and your instructor’s recommendation (if applicable) to the Regional Committee appropriate for your county.

Please send these in the same mailing in order to expedite the review process. Thanks.

During the mentoring period each Student Poet will:

  • Send approximately one dozen pages of poetry to the Distinguished Poet, on a schedule to be determined by the Distinguished Poet.
  • Respond in writing to suggestions made by the Distinguished Poet.
  • Attend at least two face-to-face meetings with the Distinguished Poet.
  • Read poetry with the Distinguished Poet and the two other Student Poets at the regional reading.
  • Read poetry at one local venue (such as the local library). (As noted earlier, the Distinguished Poet may attend and participate in the local readings.)
  • Give the Regional Group a written evaluation of the GCDPS after having participated in the regional and local readings.

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